Slides or Photos to DVD or Musical Slide Show DVD
2 different methods. Call for price.
DVD Copies are $9.00. They are $7.00 for 4 or more copies.



    VHS, S-VHS, Beta, Mini DV, Hi8, or
Digital 8mm Camcorder Cassettes to DVD
Up to 60 Minutes - $19
Over 60 minutes - $23

VHS-C 30 Minute Cartridges - $14
(This is a tape that needs and adaptor to play in a VCR)



Film to DVD Transfer

8mm film,  (Regular, Super) , 16mm silent

8mm three-inch reels are equal to 50 feet of film,
Five-inch reels hold 200 feet,
Six-inch reels hold 300 feet
Seven-inch reels hold 400 feet of film.

$.14 per foot.

16mm and Super 8mmSound is $.16 a foot

Copies are $9.00 for each DVD. Four or more are $7.00 each

Prices effective as of April, 2014 and are subject to change