How many feet of film are on my little 3 inch reels, my 5 inch reels and my 7 inch reels of 8mm film?

3 Inch Reel

  50 Feet of Film

about 3-3.25 minutes of video

5 Inch Reel

 200 Feet of Film

 about 11-12 minutes of video

6 Inch Reel

 300 Feet of Film

 about 17 minutes of video

7 Inch Reel

 400 Feet of Film

 about 25 minutes of video

How is the price figured?
By the feet of film (length of the movie)

Do I have 8 mm or super 8 mm?

How many slides will fit on a DVD?
Around 1500.

Why is it important to transfer VHS and cassettes and photos to DVD?
The quality is better and it will last much longer in digital form.

Will the overall quality be better than the original films or slides?
Yes, we can color correct and give a resolution boost to film, slides and photos.

What media do you put on DVD?
Photos, slides, camcorder tapes, VHS tapes, Beta, 8mm film, super8mm film can all be put on DVD.

How long is a DVD when it is full?
Two hours.

Can I get chapters or will it all be all together?
Chapters can be done or it can go from beginning to end.

Can you take pictures from slides.
Yes. We can put the pictures on CD or DVD or we can print pictures for you.

Are you doing this by computer?
No, we do the video transfer on very high end machines that were installed by a video engineer. There is a software program that helps to edit the pictures, but the capturing and recording of the media is all done by stand alone professional broadcast machines.