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A Lifetime of Memories


“I consider myself very lucky to have such an important job. I care for people’s precious memories and their visual family history,” says Terry Moore of A Lifetime of Memories.

In the professional home studio built by her husband, a certified broadcast engineer, Ms. Moore puts her creativity and communications skills to use by taking “the old media that people have stuffed into boxes in the basement” and turning the jumble of tapes, film, slides and photographs into an organized and easily viewed DVD or flash drive, oftentimes creating a finished product that is far superior to the quality of the original materials used in the process.

“Those who have gone before us make each one of us unique,” she says. “The alternative of coming to someone like me would be to just throw away these tapes or films or slides. How sad would that be? Their descendants would never see those who came before them.”

Having the right equipment is key and very expensive to maintain since these machines are not made anymore. However, she has vowed to keep her conversion service affordable so many families will be able to treasure their own lifetime of memories.

The digitalized finished product would make an especially wonderful customized gift for the holidays, a wedding anniversary, family reunion, or any other special occasion.

The website for A Lifetime of Memories (www.mooredvd.com) has details about the transfer process, FAQs, testimonials from happy customers and much more.