Slides or Photos to DVD or Musical Slide Show DVD or Flash Drive
Different Options Available
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Includes 1 DVD or
Flash Drive (max 32 gig flash drive)


    VHS, S-VHS, Mini DV, Hi8, or Beta
Digital 8mm Camcorder Cassettes to DVD or Flash Drive
Content of a Tape up to 2 Hours  - $25
Content under 1 Hours - $21 ea.

VHS-C 30 Minute Cartridges - $16 ea.
(This is a tape that needs and adaptor to play in a VCR) 


Film to DVD or Flash Drive Transfer

8mm film,  (Regular, Super) , 16mm silent

8mm three-inch reels are equal to 50 feet of film,
Five-inch reels hold 200 feet,
Six-inch reels hold 300 feet
Seven-inch reels hold 400 feet of film.

$.18 per foot.

16mm Sound - $.20 a foot
Super 8mm Sound  - $.20 a foot

1 DVD Copy is $10
1 Flash Drive Copy is $12

Prices effective as of December 2023, and are subject to change